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Something Good Can Work ~ Chapter Five

Title: Something Good Can Work
RatingPG-13 (for language)
Pairing: Faberry
Warnings: some angst, and massive amounts of fluff. Also, major ooc will occur. like, major.
SummaryAURachel, a writer, takes a job at a small NYC coffee shop. There, she encounters Quinn- who works at her grandmother's flower shop just across the street and gives Rachel's life a complete 180 degree turn for the... interesting.
Author's Notes: wow okay chapter five. this is growing really fast and I have a lot of ideas?? oh god. okay. anyway, I suggest listening to the songs that the chapters are named after, because they go with the chapters and they're just really good songs. (also, the song used for this chapter is called "Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop", but that was too long so I just used some lyrics.) okay, you may now proceed.
chapter five ~ Possibly, Maybe

Kurt was sitting there giggling like a mad man, and I was still clueless. before I could come to any real conclusions in my head, he  was blurting out "Blaine and I are official. Again."

I stared at him with wide eyes, and he stared back at me excitedly. 

This was the big emergency that had ripped me from my lovely morning with Quinn.

KURT ELIZABETH FUCKING HUMMEL YOU ARE A DRAMA QUEEN AND SOMETIMES I WANT TO SET YOU ON FIRE. I thought to myself, and had half a mind to voice it out loud, but that would have only lead Kurt going on about "NEWS IS ONLY IMPORTANT WHEN IT HAS TO DO WITH YOU" and blah blah blah. I didn't want to fight right now. I didn't want anything to ruin my fantastic mood- because i'd just spent my morning with Quinn, and it had been fucking fantastic.

"That was your emergency?"




"You scared the shit out of me."


"It's okay but-"

"We had sex three times."


"And that was only after you left!"


It was then that I became hyper-aware of the debauchery that had recently taken place on the very couch that I was sitting on, and I instantly jumped up to my feet.

"FUCK OFF, KURT." I yelled playfully, grabbing the nearest pillow and pretending to smother his stupid face. "CAN YOU LIKE, CONTAIN YOURSELF AND YOUR BOYFRIEND TO YOUR BEDROOM PLEASE?" Kurt was laughing uncontrollably by that point.

I started to wonder why we'd only ever had two noise complaints. I was convinced that we were the loudest fucking people on the face of this planet.

Kurt was still cackling loudly as I retreated to my bedroom, and slammed the door shut.

The next day I arrived to work late, due to accidentally sleeping through my alarm.

I looked rough. The area around my nose was blotchy and bruised, and I had a band-aid covering up a small gash on my nose that I'd discovered after returning home the day before. I also had a killer headache. Basically, the way I looked perfectly matched the way I felt- shitty.

I walked through the front door and found Quinn at the counter, placing not one, but two vases of flowers there.

It was kind of strange, seeing her here with flowers on a Tuesday instead of Monday. Turning to see who had come through the door, Quinn saw that it was me and smiled sweetly. She motioned for me to come to where she was, and I did.

I observed the flowers- several orange tulips in a thin white vase, and a dozen yellow roses in a light blue vase. I watched her hand move to the blue vase of roses, and her fingers rested on a small card that I hadn't noticed at first. She gently pushed the vase towards me. The card was tiny, and was attached to a white ribbon that was tied around the stems of the roses. 

I opened the card, and began to read the words that were written in neat cursive writing: 

Rachel, every flower has a meaning. I hope you feel better.

I looked back to Quinn, who was leaning into the roses and taking in their lovely scent. I mimicked her, and leaned into the flowers as well. I let my eyes drift closed as I inhaled the sweet aroma, but I quickly opened them back when I felt Quinn's hand briefly touch mine. I watched her as she walked away towards the door, and as she stopped to wave goodbye to me. I returned the gesture, and she left.

I directed my gaze toward the flowers. I knew what yellow roses meant- and as I leaned in to smell the flowers again, a smile bloomed on my face. This was Quinn's way of saying that she considered me her friend. Quinn was thinking of me while she was arranging these flowers. 

Something deep within my stomach churned, and I felt as if someone had let a dozen butterflies loose inside of me. 

TO: KURT (3:34PM)
Are you home? I got some takeout.

I struggled to open the door between the roses I was carrying with one arm, and the huge bag of Chinese food with the other. I fiddled with the lock carefully, trying not to move the flowers too much and spill the water in their vase.

After I finally got the damn door to open, I made my way to the kitchen counter and sat everything down.

Thank God, I'm starving. I'm right behind you, be there in a minute.

I didn't feel the need to reply, so I shoved my phone back into my pocket and shuffled over to the medicine cabinet. I grabbed three aspirins- I dropped the first one into the blue vase that held the lovely yellow roses that Quinn had given me (My dads always told me that aspirins help flowers live longer), and grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge so I could take the other two.

As soon as I downed the pills, Kurt walked through the front door. 

He immediately dropped his bag and rushed into the kitchen, completely ignoring me and attacking the bag of food. "You got shrimp and lobster sauce for me, right?" He said.

If there was one thing Kurt was especially enthusiastic about, it was food, which was why he wasn't particularly fond the nights that I cooked. So, we had takeout a lot. It was really a miracle that we weren't grossly overweight.

"Well, hello to you too."

I placed several containers of food on the coffee table in the living room, along with some napkins and forks (fuck chopsticks), and we both settled on the floor.

Kurt was chowing down on some fried rice, and I decided to start with some Low Mein.

"So who are the flowers from?" Kurt asked with a mouth full of food. I hesitated to answer for a moment, because I was trying to figure out when he'd even had time to notice the flowers.

"Oh, um. Quinn gave them to me... so that I would feel better." 

Kurt looked toward the flowers and back to me, a smirk forming on his face. "Well maybe she likes you, Rachel!" he said with a chuckle. I knew he was joking, but as soon as he mentioned it, I just started thinking about Quinn and "what if" this and "what if" that and I got so wrapped up in my thoughts that I wasn't even aware that Kurt was kind of staring at me. He could always tell when I was hiding something, but then again I wasn't too great at hiding things anyway.

I sat helplessly as I felt my cheeks blush and the butterflies return. I averted my eyes to the floor to try to avoid Kurt's, but I felt his eyes on me anyway. It was no use, I was going to have to deal with this. Now.

I looked back up, and Kurt looked almost confused. "So she's not just someone you're writing about?" Kurt asked, even though I had no intention of giving him an answer. He was smiling now, like he was hearing some kind of hot gossip. In a way, I guess he kind of was...

"You like her, don't you?"

I blushed even harder. I buried my face into my palms, looking at Kurt through my fingers. His mouth dropped open and by this point he'd forgotten all about the food in front of him.

he muttered "oh my god" a couple times, crawled a few inches and sat in front of me, and then he peeled my hands from my face.

"You should tell her," he said, moving a stray piece of hair out of my face. "Nothing is ever going to happen if you don't tell her."

"I know, but not now. She's my friend, and I don't want to tell her that I like her and freak her out, because if she doesn't feel the same way, it will ruin everything." 

Seriously, that was the story of my life. I get a great friend, and then develop feelings for that friend that will never be reciprocated the same way. I tell that friend, that friend tells me to back off, and then everything is ruined. I couldn't do that with Quinn. I hadn't know her that long, and I already couldn't think about losing her. Was I going crazy?

"Oh, honey." Kurt said as he pulled me into a warm hug. "It's better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." he teased, tapping my nose with his finger.

I looked at him and smiled. "Bullshit," I teased back.




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